Comac 306 – profile bending brake

Perfect bending results and great processing capabilities require the best production resources. It is why Zlem operates highly acclaimed machines from Comac of Italy.

The Comac 3000 Series profile bending brake can bend flat bars, barstock, pipes, and square profiles precisely and almost without any intervention of the human operator. With the power rating of 7.5 kW and a high processing speed, the machine guarantees a high throughput – thanks to this we deliver every project on time.

The great capabilities of the Comac bending brake contribute to the high quality of our products. Aside from the virtually limitless adjustment of the rollers made of case-hardened alloy steel, the machine features modular interchangeable bending rollers for processing profiles in a wide range of dimensions. The standalone control console provide safe and precise operation.

The impressive performance of the bending brake enable bending of square profiles with a maximum cross-section of 80x4, pipes measuring up to 127x3.6 mm of diameter, solid bars up to 65 mm of diameter, and flat bars up to 150x35 mm or 100x20 mm of cross-section.


You need to have your own processing resources to provide comprehensive services in steel construction. The powerful, highly efficient and almost failure-free Comac 306 (3000 Series) helps us make every wish of our customers true. Thee driven rollers, one bending brake roller with independent control and front and end edge hemming of symmetrical profiles, and guiding rollers with three-directional adjustment are just a few of its advantages.

Bending possibilities:

a) flat bar max. 100mmx20mm on the short side and 150x35mm on the long side

b) full bar up to max. fi 65mm

c) pipe up to max. 127 × 3.6mm

d) square profile max. 80x4mm

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