Ajan plasma cutter

Metal cutting is a process which demands precision and power. Both are ensured by machines engineered by a global CNC machine engineering, Ajan of Asia. One of these units is in our production plant. It is exactly what allows us to precisely cut carbon steel workpieces up to 50 mm thick.

Construction of steel structures per expectations of our customers requires us to deliver failure-free performance in very demanding projects. It is why it was obvious that we should buy the best plasma cutting machine. Ajan was the first company in the world to combine two plasma cutters into one machine with a single plasma cutting head reaching an immense output of 460 amperes. It is what helps with cutting metal sheets and plates up to 5 cm thick.


The extremely large working area measures 2.5 x 6 m and allows cutting very large shapes. The 3D-motion plasma cutting head can process at different angles, including angle change on the fly. Plasma-cut shapes require literally the minimum of grinding, and the plasma cutting progress can be monitored in real time on the touchscreen control display of the Ajan plasma cutter.

Technical specifications:

SHP plasma source, 460 A power
carbon steel cutting thickness 50 mm
3D head
working area 2.5 x 6.00 running meters

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