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Know-how, experience, and professionalism

Our services have been supporting the growth of business for nearly 30 years.

We begun as a small handicraft operation, and our steel structures now support the growth of hundreds of businesses and make many private customers happy.

We are wherever structures and products made of steel alloys, stainless steel, and aluminium are needed. We design, engineer, deliver and install barriers, all types of staircase assemblies, light-shell buildings, patios, and roofs. We can also build building extensions and vehicles for the disabled. You specify your project, we will deliver a solution.

BLM Laser Tube LT8.10

Kimla PowerCut series laser cutter

Ajan plasma cutter

Vimercati PHSY 30040 bending brake

Vimercati CNC bending brake

Vimercati PHSY TON 30 x 1250 bending brake

MACRI PROVAR 6 pipe bending machine

Comac 306 – profile bending brake

PEGAS – Automatic band saw


Obrabiarka Hyundai-WIA F500PLUS

Vimercati guillotine shears

Have you got ready sketches, drawings, or plans?